3D & 2D Mechanical Design & Draft - Independent Design Contractor
Welcome to: 3D & 2D Mechanical Design & Draft.
Offering all mechanical design and draft services, 3D & 2D will give life to your concepts/ideas by turning them into accurately precision machined parts and assemblies. 3D modeling of all components as well as 2D’s for application(s) as needed. For: mechanical engineers, machinists, designers, production engineers or personnel in need of work prepared for fabrication or prototyping. During and after the design process all components are analyzed and scrutinized thoroughly prior to quoting of manufacture during which you can remotely view all parts of the project; from the slightest minute detail to an entire fully mechanized assembly system, enabled  by a free viewer/analyzer provided by SolidWorks (e-Drawings). Once all criteria and intent (fit, form & function) have been met the final prints are ready to be sent for production. Providing you with the capabilities and processes needed to manufacture your finalized products. Employing *SolidWorks, AutoCAD & LT- your new designs, revisions, augmentations, reverse or  STL’s can be achieved  through independent design contracting without the fees and obligations of a third party draining your finances. Located in MD, U.S.A. - serving the mid-Atlantic and north east states directly/individually, yet also serving globally- by remotely receiving your concepts with reasonable rates for sensible turn-around with daily/weekly updates of the design progress.
With over 13 years of experience in mechanical and structural designs with collaborative efforts with mechanical, structural & industrial engineers. From standard machined parts, blanks, all the way to unique one-offs; the whole spectrum is covered.
Also serving for structural, large material handling systems and major industrial applications as needed. From an initial overall facilities layout to top-down design completion, bulk of projects can be created with vast sheet metal, structural weldments, structural analysis and MEP proficiencies. Additionally, electrical schematics, cables, harnesses, routing & multitude of electrical components can be added as well.
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